Mantis Training: Health and Injury


Note: These tools and ideas are not from any mantis teacher, but can be applied to training for those open to different methods. They are not a replacement for anything, but more options.

Hand Health
Dr Mandell has great series of video on heath, but this one applies to northern mantis training for us old folks. These exercises are best done before there is a problem.  Click Here

Melt Method for Hand and Foot Tool
I first was introduced to this product when I saw it a exercise and movement studio. Then a family member give it to me as a gift. It has been useful in maintaining both my hand and foot health. It is good to also good use with whatever hand training herbal remedy you use.

Don’t forget to wash you hand after however you use it.   The vendor has other products, but I have never used them. You may consider using your own similar objects, which is fine. Just remember you will need both and hard round object to use this method well.  Its the method which is key. See this youtube link.

Melt Hand & Foot Treatment Kit 
The kit is not cheap, but it does come with a useful DVD. Here is a short DEMO.

Shoulder and Hand Heath Training
These two guys are great. Physical Therapy online

Books of Interest

For some the west martial arts is mostly about self defense. Beyond this context traditional Chinese martial arts system such as shoulin and Taoist based arts mediation, health, and lifestyles can impact other aspects  of one life. Here are few text of Interest.

The secret to “brain growth” | Dr. Dan Siegel