8th Annual Chiu Leun Memorial Dinner 2014

2013 Annual Chiu Leun Memorial Dinner

Greetings brother, friends and family this year’s 8TH Annual Chiu Leun Memorial Dinner is Saturday March 29th, at 7:00 2013 at the 88 Palace Restaurant at 88 East Broadway. We come together discuss our Sifu Chiu Leun, his association issues, but also share our reflections on practice, health, the life and the world in which we exist.
We endeavor to honor our teacher by our fellowship with each other and those who share at least some similar path not to just physical self-defense, but the defense of personal wellness and social evolution.
88 Palace Restaurant
88 E Broadway, New York, NY 10002
Phone: (212) 941-8886

The 88 Palace Restaurant will be closed other than us, and perhaps few other customers I understand. This place is rather larger and has a moderate sized stage.
Links: http://88palacerestaurant.com/
The dinner should cost about $30.00 for adults and a reasonable contribution for children like last year. We will get back to you and whether you can bring your own wine or beer, but plan on buy theirs if need be.

We are holding this event at a larger venue this time, so if anyone has time to volunteer just before, during or has time to help with planning, please let us know. Pulling of these dinner can be exhausting. If anyone wants to present something to someone else let us know some we can plan for it. We except guest from around the USA and aboard this year.

We will be selling our latest journal, patches and other items. If anyone has anything they want to sell that is related to practice and doesn’t take up a lot of room let us know. Hope to see you all soon.
7-Star Praying Mantis Institute and Association

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