Chiu-Leun- Journal-No-2










Buy and download the Chiu-Leun- Journal-No-2, 2009 using pay pal. This publication is full of thoughts, images and concepts about our teacher, the our mantis school and the martial arts. It is rare look into our sect.

This publication is over 58 pages in length, which includes articles, letters, and photos. New photo of segments from, our 7 Star mantis version of the advanced internal form, sometimes known as the 18 lohans is also included, as seen above, are included. The photos are of Chi Yu Ho and the drawing were actually done by Chiu Leun.

Materials from the following authors are included:

Stephen Hunter
Laurette Homer Greene
Jeff Hughes
Stanley Moy
Bob Spoelstra
Othal Thomas
Yehudah BenLewi
Dr. Ying-Jen Chang
Chi Yu Ho
Hing Wah Chiu


Barbara Fowler

Chi Yu Ho

Nathan Chukueke

Nathan can be reached at

The fee for the Journal will be used to help support the preservation of our system and aid in the continuation of investigation into relates studies such as meditation and Shaolin concepts in daily life. Our journal is available in download form only for now, as a Adobe acrobat Pdf file. The printed version is currently not available online yet. 

Note: There is a Kindle and Print version of journal 2 available on Amazon too.