In the past, our association friends have been generous and necessary in maintaining our organization and prolonging its survival. As we become more stable as institution and we endeavor to be less depended on just a few people. We seek to have the insights and support from wider range of contributors.

Now, we accept donations online by using the digital resources of the Movement Interface Research Institute, Inc. MIRI. It is the non-profit organization that serves its purpose often by being a conduit for individuals and other organizations whom have project inline with its own movement analysis and preservation mission.

founded by Stephen Hunter Laurette and others. It is defined by the IRS as a not for profit private operating foundation. Its primary mission is to preserve, record and analyze various aspects of human movement forms. On part of this work includes support for non profit martial and mind body studies, such as those our organization has historical cultivated.

Thank you for your donation. Every little helps our work.

You donations will help cover the cost of this site, which includes it annual cost and keeping the domain itself.

You donations also support the video and multi media production cost of preserving not just 7 Star Mantis but related styles.

In the future, we hope to support members if they are engaged in not-profit activities that involve martial art and the mind as public projects.

Thank you again.

Please feel free to see our mantis direct research site also. Note: Its being updated.

This paypal link can be used for making single or recurring donations.

Donation are tax deductible: Generally,  30% of adjusted gross income (AGI) for cash is the contributions are tax deductible for private operating foundations.  

EIN: I.R.S. I.D. No. 11-2801382

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