Master Empty 7 Star Methods

Beyond Just Combat

There are only a few English text on south or northern mantis all add to the body for written work on this subject. THis page as with all pages on this site will be updated as time goes on and is a martial research site and is not intended to replace good instructional interaction with a quality teacher of the system.

Because our version of Seven Star Praying Mantis has its roots in classical the Buddhist Shaolin temple let us start this part our study there. Much has been said about the history of the Shaolin temple, but little about the Buddhist concepts that may be applied to the life of mantis boxer or the Shaolin monk that takes up the system.


The various options in combat methods one can take from a particular posture or movement can be seen in terms of the math concept of domain and range. Domain would be the type of movement posture used in the context of a give offensive or defensive movement at the moment of execution. Range would be the possible options one has in execution of a movement.