A Brief and Recent of History of Seven Star Mantis

There are numerous versions of this style which originates in the northern Chinese province of Saan Dung (Shan Dong). There are many stories and legends attached to the style which repor- tedly arose around the beginning of the Ching (Qing) Dynasty (mid-seventeenth century). More details will be provided in a more appropriate area of this site (along with links to other sites with similar material)

Suffice it to say, over the centuries, a number of sub-versions of the original arose. We hope to offer information to interested parties from many sources that wish to share what they have with us, the main sect or sub-version that will be discussed here most quickly and in greatest detail is the one that was brought to the south of China – Gwangjau and Hong Kong – sometime after the end of the First World War by Lo Gwong-Yuhk, a native of Saan Dung Province.