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The following sample files represent various points of view on martial art, movement methods, and health. They represent the mind, culture, body types, and environment from various cultural and points of view. Hopefully, you will find these documents and links of useful.

Related to Northern Mantis Martial Arts.

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Sample from our Google NOT Profit Domain Drive. Some of these documents were available on the internet at some point in the past.

NOTE; These documents, media and information are NOT being presented for sale. We offer them freely and NO person from our organization now or in the future should charge any anyone for access to information found here. We are part of not for profit company known as the Movement Interface Research Institute 

When possible please consider paying the authors and organization for their work. Our archive exist to preserve that which hard to find, not available online anymore, and at times never published. That being said we usually avoid link to commercial sites where a book or media such as video can be purchased, for many reasons, some of them legal and ethical.

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Internet Direct Martial Data:

Below are from direct Internet sources. 

Shaolin Temple Arts

Research by Michael Garofalo

By Sha Guozheng, Wei Qunlie, and Liu Yutang Illustrations by Zeng Sen Translated by Joseph Crandall 

Shaolin Kung Fu OnLine Library Issue 19

Taoist Physical Arts [very small sample]

Tai Chi Yang Sword Form 32

Tai chi 48 

Ba Ji Quan Association

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Data is only in order of when published generally, with more recent at the top of the list.

  • Training Methods of 72 Arts of Shaolin    正文少林七十二功法練法 Zhèngwén shàolín qīshí’èr gōng fǎ liàn fǎ

By Jin Jing Zhong 1934
Read Online and download with free membership:

2018, Notes on Anatomy & Physiology for Yoga Education

A bit more of western science in the context of yoga, to add to ones library, at least chapters 1-19, if interested.
Chapters of particular interest to current inquiries:
  • 4. Bones, Muscles, and Joints
Pages 18-20 was a good refresher on certain topics that may influence certain physical movement practices.
  • 9. Endocrine System
Of interest in the context of aspects of the Yellow Emperor’s Classic on internal medicine, but also the yoga concept of the three gunas.
Later chapters may be a bit too much for some.


Investigating further cultural and historical adaption in functional movement patterns in martial arts systems and styles.
The information on this site is useful data to incorporate into one’s current toolkit of analysis and exploration of martial anthropology and alchemy. It’s NOT an end in itself, but a channel of inquiry with useful elements.
It may not be useful alone for commercial martial businesses.

By Timo Pieters

Interesting comparison of aspects certain Chinese Physical alchemy methods. The mention and analysis of 3 primary vessels and clearing was useful.

Lead Researcher: Blagovest Tashev, PhD TRG Contracted Researcher, Davis Defense Group Eric Gauldin, MA TRG Contracted Researcher, Davis Defense Group Date: 24 January 2020

Interesting perspective on dimensions of awareness.

By 2023

Related to studies on Chi Gung and Hatha yoga. Current focus of analysis is the 18 Lohan in its varied versions as compared to certain gnostic alchemy practices, as related body changes at certain times of day.

Note: The site’s free ED pdfs and other visual information and studies of human body functions.

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