Journal of 7 Star Mantis Volume 3, Issue 3

Journal of 7 Star Mantis Volume 3, Issue 3 Paperback – March 27, 2015

Northern Shaolin 7 Star Praying Mantis Institute and Association. This journal represents our third collective document that shows how our teacher Chiu Leun has affected our knowledge of martial arts and our lives. Information about our organization can be found at Note: The graphics on our cover are a bit too big, this is because the web app does not let us reduce the size of the book a bit. The result is the cover is a to bit big, so the rest of the book is wider. For some this larger version of the book may be more readable. The inside material is not negatively impacted by the cover issue. Authors: Alex Tse, Wing Ming, Dr. Ying-Jen Chang, Kevin Brazier, Homer Gee Greene, Jr., Nathan Chukueke, Stephen Hunter Laurette, Randy Brown, Chi Yu Ho, Stanley Moy, Anthony Ng. Editors: Barbara Fowler, Nathan Chukuek, and Chi Yu Ho.


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