Chiu-Leun- Journal-No-4

On Amazon you may purchase our 4th Journal as a paperback or Kindle file. Northern Shaolin 7 Star Praying Mantis Institute and Association published this journal. It represents our forth collective document that shows some of the ways our teacher Chiu Leun has influenced our knowledge of martial arts and our lives.

12th Annual Chiu Leun Memorial Dinner 2018

Was held on Saturday 4/28/2018, at Jing Fong Restaurant at 20 Elizabeth Street. Sat 6:00 PM We thank all that attended. Special thanks to all those that donated funds to our non-profits efforts to preserve our martial system, while we embrace how it enriches our lives and others. Some highlights from this year’s event  

10th Annual Chiu Leun Memorial Dinner 2016

  This year the party on April 30th 2016 7pm  at the Sunshine Seafood Restaurant on the main floor 27-29 Division Street N.Y.C. Tel is 1 212-219-8498.  The cost is $35.00 dollar per adult. For children please make a appropriate contribution. Beer and wine are extra SunShine

Medicinal Plants in China

Seven Star Mantis in our sect is a part of the Shaolin tradition. Healing is part of our practice and methods. The use of herbs in healing physical damage because of combat or aging is part of our traditions. The following to a short list of some herbs used in China for healing. Link

9th Annual Chiu Leun Memorial Dinner 2015

Our 9th Annual Chiu Leun dinner will be on Saturday April 4th, 2015 at 6:30 pm at the Jing Fong restaurant 20 Elizabeth street, NY, NY 11013 JINGFONGNY.COM The dinner date changed, because of when Chinese new years occurs this season. The cost is $35.00 dollar per adult. For children please make a appropriate contribution

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